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▲ Never to forget this day!
▲ Thank you Paradise City Festival for making this happen!

Official aftermovie will follow soon.
But I'm having some weekend blues and had to share already this moment!

This was true... paradise! 🌴


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▲ TODAY is the DAY!
Paradise City Festival 2017 - Perk (BE)
▲ Who's there to party w/ me?

Hosting my own stage at this cosy festival!
Invited some friends to come out and 'play' with me.

12.00-13.30: Chantal Jelly Bellies (BE)
13.30-15.00: Hush Hefner (BE)
15.00-16.00: Giorgia Angiuli (IT)
16.00-18.30: Konstantin Sibold (DE) vs Kosme (FR)
18.30-20.30: andhim (DE)
20.30-22.00: Nico Morano (BE)

No need to tell you where you can find me.
So don't be shy and come and say hi!

1) Neonite w/ Giorgia Angiaulaiai a few weeks ago.
2) Konstantin Sibold at Club Vaag
3) Together w/ the crazy German duo at TML 2 years ago


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▲ TONIGHT: Fuse (Brussels)!
▲ TRYBE pres. Adriatique & Nico Morano — Season closing
▲ Closing session: 4.30 - ...

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▲ OH BOY! 👌
▲ What an amazing scenery / crew / evening
▲ All my ❤️ to the full crew and partners!

MORE Morano 008 was truly epic!
I cannot say MORE. 😬

Maybe I would still like to add this:
Pioneer Pro Audio, what a bang on new sound system! 👌
Thank you MORE Morano team members for setting this up! And welcome to the MM-team Michiel, top job!
Last but not least, thank you Paradise City Festival for offering your venue for a PRE-party for the upcoming weekend!
I will be hosting my own stage here this Sunday!

Paradise City Festival 2017 - Nico Morano & Friends Stage:
12.00-13.30: Chantal (BE)
13.30-15.00: Hush Hefner (BE)
15.00-16.00: Giorgia Angiuli (IT)
16.00-18.30: Konstantin Sibold (DE) vs Kosme (FR)
18.30-20.30: andhim (DE)
20.30-22.00: Nico Morano (BE)

Pic by the almighty Fille Roelants Photography
Full album coming soon!

See yah this Sunday in Perk!

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MORE Morano 008 at Paradise City Castle

This weekend I’m hosting my own stage here at Paradise City Festival!
So you are ALL more than welcome to join me this SUNDAY at Paradise City Festival 2017 together with andhim , Konstantin Sibold , Kosme , Giorgia Angiuli , Hush Hefner & Chantal

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MORE Morano is powered by Atmosphere Records, Carlsberg, Pioneer Pro Audio, SLASH9.tv, DJsounds, Drinks 52, BULLDOG Gin, Red Bull Elektropedia, Desperados, Tibbaa, Bazar Bizar - Bohemian Chique Shopping & Paradise City Festival

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NYE – 31/12/2015

4 gigs in Belgium, between 22.00 PM and 12.00 AM.

Are you ready for that?

Check my agenda for the different locations and timings.





A lot of dj’s come and go in the electronic music scene. Nico Morano is one of those exceptions who’s here to stay. Nico started playing records more than 13 years ago and now still counts as one of the leading artists in Belgian House music.

Through the years the sound of Nico Morano developed into one of the most sophisticated ones in Belgium. His flawless blend of deep and melodic House tunes with a strong emotional touch made him one of the busiest dj’s out there. Yearly Nico plays more than 100 gigs in highly respected clubs  like Fuse, Ampere, Decadance and Magic but also at big festivals like Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, Ostend Beach and Thé Dansant. As a resident of Ketaloco, Deep House Belgium and La Rocca on Sunday, he has been able to build a strong connection with his very loyal crowd.

In 2016 Nico Morano will put further focus on translating all his dancefloor experience into his own productions. After EP’s and remixes on labels like Atmosphere Records, Karera, Love Matters and Shaker Plates, this year he will continue releasing on some major outlets. He’s working hard in the studio creating the deep and melodic sound he’s so passionate about.




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