After more than two decades of gigs, Nico Morano’s energy has captured the hearts of melodic dance enthusiasts worldwide. From his own Ontourage Music label and events to his impressive stage hostings at Tomorrowland and Paradise City Festival, Nico's signature sound embodies the colorful flair that today's club scene often lacks. Think: harmonic melodies with an organic and progressive spirit often infused with the vibrant tints of italo or deep house. Happy vibes all over the place!

With a global presence that spans from Switzerland to Germany, Morocco to Turkey and Spain to Denmark, Japan to St-Martin, Nico leaves a memorable mark wherever he goes. As a producer, his debut full album 'Opposite Minds', released in Sept ‘23, struck a chord with generations of melodic dance fans, young & old. This translated into increasing Spotify statistics, with an average of 300k monthly listeners and 750k plays per month.